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East Lansing Minor in Possession

Attorney Raymond A. Purdy is truly the Michigan State University student’s lawyer. Ray graduated from Michigan State University with his Bachelor’s degree. He then followed that up by obtaining his Master’s Degree from Michigan State University. He remained in Lansing and attended law school at the Thomas Cooley Law School.

He was also a deputy sheriff for Ingham County for many years and served the MSU campus and Lansing area. After graduating from law school Ray continued his service as a prosecuting attorney for Ingham County and actually served the district court for many years. Attorney Purdy has also been an adjunct professor of law at Michigan State University law school.

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The MIP laws are changing after January 1, 2018!!  The first offense MIP will now be a civil infraction carrying a $100 fine. However, you also need to know that a second offense will now carry the possibility of up to 30 days in jail!!  This is a major change as the current law requires a violation of probation before jail time can be ordered.

Be prepared for the police at Michigan State to INCREASE their party patrols to write more tickets (revenue-generators) and this will also set up more students to be eligible for second offense MIP charges.

FIGHT any civil infraction case. We will be setting up ticket clinics and can take any first offense to a judge and cross-examine the officer involved to make sure your rights were not violated and that they can prove you consumed or possessed alcohol. Do not simply pay the fine and hope this will go away. There is also still a question as to whether this civil infraction will show on your public driving record to be seen by future employers.

Hire an Attorney That Knows the System

The Law Offices of Raymond A. Purdy know that East Lansing 54-B court system and the judges that serve MSU students every day.  He and his staff will guide you through every step of the process that you will face:

When you are facing an MIP charge in East Lansing, you need to immediately determine who will prosecuting your case, as both the state prosecutors and the City of East Lansing authorize MIP charges. This could determine the strategy pursued in your case.

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Be a Student…Not a Lawyer

As a student at a prestigious Big Ten University, you have enough to deal with between you classes, a job, and extra-curricular activities or sports. Do not try to handle a criminal case on your own. If you retain an attorney for your case, many times the court will allow a Waiver of Arraignment which will save you an appearance at your MIP Arraignment. This can also make sure that there are no mistakes made at your initial arraignment that could cost you future employment or a withdrawal of a mistaken plea.

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