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Have Open Alcohol In Your Car? Your Parents Might Lose The Car!

Many students are unaware that if they transport or possess alcohol in a motor vehicle, the owner of the car can be hauled into court to show cause why the vehicle should not be impounded. We all know that cars driven by MSU students are typically owned by the parents. This is done for liabilityContinue Reading

Open Intoxicants Charge is More Serious Than You Might Think

If you have been charged with having an open intoxicant, it usually goes along with a Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP- charge. The major problem the an open intoxication charge is that it carries with it a maximum possible sentence of 93 days in jail. While first offenders will rarely see any jailContinue Reading

Michigan State Graduate Raymond Purdy Launches MIP Website for MSU Students

The Law Offices of Raymond A. Purdy are proud to announce the launch of their new MSU student website dedicated to giving back and providing information to the best students on the planet. Ray is a proud graduate and long time resident of Lansing and is dedicated to assisting Michigan State University students with theirContinue Reading

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