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Michigan MIP Arraignment

If you have been arrested for an MIP charge in East Lansing, you may have even had to spend time in jail per the policies of police agencies on campus. You will be confused and will have a piece of paper telling you to appear for an arraignment within 10 days of your charge.

While you decide whether or not you are going to tell your parents about this charge and whether or not you should have an attorney, time is unfortunately not on your side. After the 10 days has run, a bench warrant could be issued for your arrest for failure to appear. In addition, ASMSU will tell you to simply show up for your arraignment, plead not guilty and then call them before your pretrial.  Is that really the best course of action?

Do Not Face the Court System Alone!

We have learned from many unfortunate experiences that sending a student, overwhelmed with school work, parents, and life in general, to a court appearance by themselves can be a recipe for disaster. At the first arraignment you will have to decide, on your own, the following:

  • Should I plead guilty, not guilty, or stand mute?
  • Should I immediately take the diversion program it looks like they are offering?
  • What does the diversion program entail and how much alcohol testing is there?
  • What box do I check to make sure I do not screw this up?
  • Do I have to pay my fines and costs right now?
  • Can I leave the State of Michigan to see my family or a job interview?
  • Will I see a judge or be able to tell a prosecutor my story?
  • I think I may have been forced to take a PBT, how should I plead at the arraignmetn?

All of these are legitimate questions that can many times be avoided all together by retaining an attorney early in the process that knows the court staff, their procedures, and what they expect for a Waiver of Arraignment pursuant to Michigan Court Rule.  If you make the wrong decision, many times you will NOT be able to withdraw your plea without a motion filed by an attorney and good cause shown.

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