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Michigan MIP Pretrial Conference

If you made it through your MIP Arraignment without a mistake, made the right plea, and your matter is set for a pretrial conference with the prosecuting attorney you face some challenges. Some of the questions that a skilled MIP attorney will want to know BEFORE ever speaking with a prosecuting attorney could be as follows:

  • Is this being prosecuted by the People of the State of Michigan or the City of East Lansing attorneys?
  • Did the police have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop or question you in the first place?
  • Did you give your unequivocal consent to the police before submitting to a PBT test?
  • Did you make statements to the officer without proper Miranda warnings?
  • Does your case fall within the new medical amnesty statute?
  • Were you placed in jail overnight in violation of your civil rights?
  • Could there be companion or additional charges on their way like drugs or open alcohol or fleeing and eluding?
  • Is there any history of substance abuse and is treatment needed immediately?
  • Do you even qualify for a diversion program as the requirements have become more stringent?
  • Is there a possibility of a civil infraction due to your unique individual circumstances?
  • Have you seen a copy of the police report, on-board camera or recordings of your stop?
  • Do you need to file pretrial motions to possibly suppress some of the evidence against you?

Be Fully Prepared and Hire an Attorney Before Your Pretrial Conference

All of these are questions that can easily be answered by an MIP attorney that knows the East Lansing court system and the prosecuting attorneys assigned to your case. Attorney Raymond Purdy has spent much of his life in Lansing serving the community and he is now serving the students at MSU with their criminal matters.

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